Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chetan Bhagat's Half Girlfriend....

Chetan Bhagat in CNN-IBN
“You can make your own achi den. Just work hard. Ignore the criticism. Believe in yourself and keep going....” Is what Chetan Bhagat said in CNN-IBN exclusive interview on his yet-to-be-released book, Half Girlfriend.
I had been so excited that his book would be released on 5th August. Before 10 minutes, I tuned in to his Facebook page and waited for him to announce what next he brought for us. But much to my dismay, his page crashed (Just think how many fans he has). I waited for some more time. Still, he didn’t post anything in his page. Then, I opted to check his website. There it was. And what surprised me is that he released the trailer of his book, not the book. It was the innovativeness of flipkart. I liked the marketing idea! And I agreed that he is “Salman Khan of Indian literature.”
Twitter had been trending on #halfgirlfriend. There had been many criticisms and jokes made in social media. Medias are talking about it and interviewing him. Some newspaper published about him on the front page. Good or bad, I liked the publicity he gained. I liked how media people co-operated in promoting his book. It doesn’t matter whether they criticise or praise him but definitely every news channels and newspapers who talked about him immensely contributed in promoting his book. People already developed curiosity to read his book. It would be the hot cake in October. In this note, I am wondering, if Bhutanese media too can do it? I am sure we have many talented writers, some very best books published. But they never reached the readers. It would remain with dust in some book shelves for years. I think if our media could do some coverage, it would help authors sell their books. It would encourage aspiring writers. At least it can be done. I don’t expect the Bhutanese publishers to publish those aspiring writers. Sometimes, it seems like if you have money, you can publish a book in Bhutan. If you don’t, no matter what talent you have, let it rust.
He is the leading blockbuster writer, today. As much as he is criticized for his English and the way he writes, he tends to go that much far and beyond. He became the icon for the youth. He inspired common Indians to read the English books which I believe is what every Indian aspire to do. They do consider English-speaking people superior to one who doesn’t. And Bhagat succeeded to instill that pride in common people. His English is so simple and lucid that one understands what he meant at once. For which he is criticized as ‘writing a bubblegum literature.’ But I admired his courage to shield the criticism and move ahead with what he wanted to do. After all, it matters how many people read his book, not how many people don’t like it. Because even those who hate his books would grab a copy and read it once. That is what every writer dream for.
I think he is the only Indian Author who has million fans in his Facebook. Every status he updates accumulates at least 20,000 likes, which is the most rewarding achievement one can achieve as a writer in digital world (world of Apps). 
Raichur City doesn’t have one decent bookshop from where we can purchase English books. But Chetan Bhagat got space among the Kannada books in one of a small bookshop (I think only bookshop in Raichur).
Chetan Bhagat not only inspired people to read English novels but also inspired them to write novels. As said by someone in NDTV. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Friendship Day......

Being a social animal, it is almost impossible to remain detached from the society, from the proximity of another animal. We feel special being in the interwoven zoo. 
On this special day, I wish Gaza and Israel negotiate to conclude the war and affirm to be friends forever. Enough tears and bloodsheds, enough massacre of innocent, and enough destructions. What would have taken them decades to built, got devastated and demolished within a second. I just wish the heavy rain wash away all the rage and hatred, and sun of peace and happiness dawn on them. We don’t want to hear the desperate cries of innocence and their blood being sacrificed. It is the cruelest of all cruelties to kill the third party in inhumane demonstration. Human can’t be more demon than that.
Back to the topic! In this short and dramatic life, we get wonderful opportunity to meet with various manifestation of godly creation. We introduce, talk, and we become friends. We meet various kinds of friends. Some good, some bad. Some silent, some talkative, egoistic, lovely, soft, harsh, short, tall, handsome, ugly, beautiful. Countless! As different as they are, they all are as special as any other. I am living thousand miles away from my home, yet I am living. Because I have my friends. We stand for one another. We face the obstacles and overcome it. But together.
With the passage of time, time test us by throwing handful of dust in our eyes. And we do walk apart. We become blind and retrograded. It can be reason simple and complex. Sometimes, just a simple mistake is enough to delete all the good moments of the past and grimace at another with hatred burning inside. That is the worst thing we can do, ever. We boycott them. But that isn’t the solution. They need the helping hand, to stand up once again and walk with you.
It says all...
It is not the mistake of your friend if you don’t find the best in them. For every bad friend, there is goodness in them. It matter which side we discover the first. A friend is the person who would walk with you no matter what color, status contour and mistakes you make. True is the friend one who stand by your side when everyone is against you. He would share whatever little he has and ask for the little you have.
Those cherished moments become incomplete without your friends. The memories. The unforgettable days. Whatever you would like to call, just reminiscence once and there is no such moments where your friends does not come in the scene. Where do you used to go when your parents hunted you to beat? With whom you shared the delicious lunch packed by your mom? To whom you shared that you first masturbated and had first period(menarche)? With whom you grew up? With whom you played marbles and footballs? With whom you fought and broke the nose, yet hugged him the next day? With whom you bunked the class and got lashed the next day? To whom did you ask for the notebook to be copied from when you had forgotten to do your homework? Friends. Friends. Friends. That is how special our friends are.
I needn't  elaborate any longer. Happy friendship day!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The joy of being a blogger...

I am exhausted being a political critic. Self-claimed, though. My brain convulsed with frustrations, my teeth clenched with anger and fist tightened with heart boiling. I wish I was a big, famous writer, whose every word is taken seriously, whose every word is heard and every word create revolution. And make difference in the society. Every word hit the tympanum membrane of our politicians. Loud. That would be far away dream, even when the friends in my list (Facebook) fail to listen to what I have requested. I requested them to participate in the survey conducted by ECB. Only two or three heed to my words, rest just ignored it. So, my expectation for politicians to hear me remained a distant dream. At least for some more years! Hope so?
But I wouldn’t stop writing because I write for the reason which is beyond this. I write because I know the joy of writing every single sentence. I know the joy of completing a post and being able to post it in my blog. The joy which nothing can ever give me! To write and record every step of my journey (life) and of those who walk with me. Sometimes, I become so crazy that I wish I became an old man reading those posts I wrote as a young, energetic boy. Will I cry or laugh remembering those moments? I don’t know. But I feel I would consider myself a successful writer even if I cry or laugh. Because it didn’t fail its purpose.......
The joy of being a blogger is that we are already a writer who published volumes of books. Those amateur bloggers are on the right way to become a little better writer than they were yesterday. To publish a book is hell lots of hard work and money. It needs patience to wait and wait. What if your wait is just unfruitful? What if you don’t have enough money to pay for the editor? What if you don’t have enough money to print out your book? What if people hate to read your work? So many questions arise because to publish a book is the final destination. Once it slips out of your hand, it can never come back to you again to be edited, to be rectified. But to blog, we can write what we feel like to write and learn more, improve, and become better through the comments and criticism of our fellow friends. We grow up with every new post we write.
Through blog, I came to know so many wonderful people, big and small. But having same mission: to write and write and write. It is just wonderful to know that when we meet we need no introduction. We need no reason to speak with each other. It is as if we are meeting our old friend. We can scold, laugh and talk endless on the first meet. I am just so much happy to know a bunch of Bhutanese bloggers are in Raichur. Help us grow up with your kind words of encouragement and encouraging words of criticism. We have
1. Most veteran blogger, Bhagwat Acharya who rarely blogs in The Thoughts of my mind, 
2. Kinley Wangchuk blogs in Library of my life, 
3. Ngajay Tshering who used to blog but now post his classically beautiful poems in Facebook
4.Tshewang Tobden who blogs in A figment of my Thoughts
5.Tshering Yangzom who blogs in A ray of Hope
6. and recently we got another promising blogger Dorji Wangdi who blogs in The Oasis of my thoughts.
Wow seven bloggers in Raichur. It is amazing. I just wish they never stop writing. Let their blog remain alive and keep kicking around. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

How I wrote a book??

Often, I was asked this question: how did you manage to write a book when you are pursuing one of the serious professional courses?
That is true. Besides writing what I wanted to write, thick textbooks await me to flip its pages on the table. It calls for the meticulous balance between the obligation and hobby. And that is the tough decision I had to make.
Writing is a very tiring hobby, I feel. I write something and it appears so beautiful at the moment. But it looks waste the next day. Then, I have to delete it. Frankly, it ache our heart to chop off the words we wrote with so much passion and love. But I have to do it to make it better. Many a time, I wanted to quit writing because every next day, my writing appeared messy and worthless. I growled with frustrations and cried with pain but thank you for being with me and inspiring me. Thank you for reading the boring stuffs (time and again) I wrote and still say, it reads superb. I again restored the deleted file from the recycle bin and worked on it. Isn’t it tedious to read, re-read, write, re-write the same stuff time and again?
Writing needs lots of sacrifices, hard work, patience and persistence. It is a lonesome job to sit in front of the laptop all the time and keep typing the words which you may have to delete it next day because it does not appear appealing. I sacrificed many things to come up with the draft of my book which I would soon sign contract with the editor. Then my book would be in second stage, editing. I had not played even a single level of Candy Crush; no complain I never play outdoor games. I didn’t go home during one month vacation, so that I can give some time to write what I started writing. I didn’t go out with my friends, so that I can write few more paragraphs. I rushed to my room as soon as my class got over, so that I can add few words to my draft. I slept late and woke up early, so that I can write some more. Just to write a word or two, I sacrificed those enjoyments, those celebrations and those outings.
I had always been adamant with what I do. I don’t keep things half done. I had story in me, I had story to be told and to be read by the people. I had the source of inspiration right with me. I feel everybody is writer in their heart, they just need inspiration to write. Most parts of the book are inspired by the real life experiences. Most of the time, I keep observing something in someone, so that I can draw inspiration to build up my character. I listen carefully when people speak, so that I know how to make my conversation appear real. In one way or other, I was observing different people, differently. It was interesting.
I developed some fictitious characters with which I developed attachment. Some of them I loved from the depth of my heart. It is madness to laugh and cry with the character I developed. Once I developed the character, I promised them to do the justice by giving equal share of space in my book so that each one of them contributes equally in developing the plot. Isn’t it crazy to pull out the paper and scribble in between the conversation with your friend? I always kept a paper and pen in my pocket, so that I can scribble the idea as and when it strikes my head. Sometimes, I wrote some points waking up in the middle of night.

I know, in Bhutan, to write and publish a book is the easiest way to go bankrupt. But I really don’t care about the money. I would be happy if some of the readers read it and give me the honest feedback. I am so impatient of keeping it in the desktop as soft copy. My hand itches to print it out and make it available in the market. But I wanted to do the justice by putting in enough effort so that it becomes worth reading.  


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