Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I want chemistry!!!!.....

Insurmountable joy lingers in close proximity of my heart to see my dreams coming true –little by little. It is taking its shape. One step achieved at a time. I know I need great amount of patience to reach the final destination of my long cherished dream. Sometimes, I become so impatience that I want to do everything at once, finish it up and never talk about it again.
I attempted it to happen for numerous times with enormous effort. But, somehow I couldn’t make it any earlier than 15 January, 2015. This day is the second happiest day after I finished writing my final draft and the editor agreed to work on it.
Scorching yellow ball in the cloudless sky radiated enough heat to cause burning sensation of our skin. It was pricking hot, though sun slandered at the angle of 45 degrees. It was 3.30 pm and I was damn excited about the photo shot. I had with me, cameraman, Alwin Raj –buddy from MBBS, and also I had Daaza and Choden as my model for the photo shot. No, no....that’s not all; I had Tobgay –my classmate as water boy and Phuntsho as make-up artist. And me? Who was I there? Umm...yeah, the one who wants photo for my novel’s cover. No! Not my novel. It is our novel or else my girlfriend will kill me. (Wink)....Seriously, I do credit her as much as I do myself for this novel. Had there been no she, I am sure I wouldn’t have written it. I was into blogging and not so much into writing books after I did in 2011.
“Can we snap the photo now?” I asked the cameraman, covering my head from burning sun with the white paper. Before I forget, let me thank Dawa Knight for the amazing sketch he did. I can never thank him enough.
“No...Sun is too high. We need to wait for a while...” He replied, looking at the sun with almost closed eyes. Ok, I thought. I was mesmerized with his passion for the photography. He was damn serious about it. He was very particular about angle of sun, light and make-up.
Me at work..Cameraman captured it...
Two models, unable to bear heat in the terrace of a building, ran down to the room. How desperately I too wanted to follow them but I pretended like I can beat the heat. So, I had to pay the price for being stubborn –dizziness and headache until I slept at midnight.
Once again, all of us came together. It was around 4.15 then. In terrace, sun was in position. Make-up artist wiped off their sweats and checked if all was well. Yeah, now...the shot! Not yet, we had tough time building the chemistry between two models. I wanted the chemistry. The romance. The smile. The position. Even a placement of their hands and fingers mattered a lot for me. Their hairstyles....
First shot. Oops...not well. No chemistry. It looked like two strangers meeting for the first time.
We laughed endless looking at the photo. I wasn’t happy with that. Another shot. No, still something was missing. Another shot....another....it continued....models started sweating but photo captured was still not up to my expectation. Phuntsho rushed towards them and made them feel comfortable, instructed them about what would work and what wouldn’t. I felt like I am Raj Kumar Hirani shooting PK... I felt professional and I knew I don’t easily accept anything unprofessional...haha...
Finally, they did it. It was awesome pose. I gasped looking at the photo. They brought in the chemistry that I wanted. Despite scorching sun burning my skin, I enjoyed the moment thoroughly. It was very memorable moment. Thank you Choden and Daaza for making it... You two made my day and I don’t regret choosing two of you as my models. You guys are fantastic. Mind-blowing. Above all, romantic!  
On way back, Daaza remarked, “Now, I feel like you are really going to publish your novel.” It brought immense joy in me –explicable! Actually, I don’t ask much from my life. I do cherish small moments like this and those moments fill my heart with overwhelming joy.
PS: I am sorry that I can’t share those photos here until I design it as the cover page.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine’s day.......

Dedicated to Tshering Choden for choosing me...
Today is a red day. Romantic couple makes baskets of promises to remain united for eternity. Candle light dinner with the resounding smile of your loved one. Couple walking hand in hand, dressed in red. Kisses and hugs. Myriads manifestations of conveying the message of intangible love makes this day pragmatic, sublime and sacred. A boy kneels down to propose his crush and his crush blush with overwhelming joy. Dinner invitation! Romantic cards and messages and calls exchange.... Morning walk! Evening walk! Romantic!
 It is a second Valentine’s Day we are celebrating. The ride through the road of relationship was rough and smooth, high and low with blend of happiness and sadness, shades of tears and smiles. But it was a marvellous journey. Neither of us looked back and relinquished on the way. So, may God bind us together with the best threads of commitment, faithfulness and trust... You are the benediction of unfathomable gift bestowed upon me. I would always cherish the moments we spent together. Had there been no YOU, I would not have been ME. This ME!
Photo that you designed....
Thousand mountains and hills, rivers and springs, forests and deserts keep us apart. But we are always together in our hearts and in our thoughts. It is hard to spend every passing day in your absence but I feel happy as every passing day is bringing us closer. I promised to write for you about the Anniversary gift you sent me all the way from beautiful home but I didn’t do it immediately as I was waiting for the right moment. And do you think there is some other special day than Valentine’s Day? You mock-cried, you nagged and you gave up thinking I may never write about it. But here I am, writing about it. It brought immense joy, so intense and so genuine that tears rolled down from my eyes. It was the most beautiful gift that I ever received. The Laughing Buddha. The book from my favourite author. And my favourite pens. What more should I ask for? You understand me the best. And your letter was heart touching. Surprised? We still exchange letters –hand-written letters. Old fashion? But that is what I like the most and her favourite as well. So, no problem... Your letter still dance in front of me with the beautiful messages –may Buddha keep you healthy and happy, may you always get to read and may you always find inspiration to write. I was flabbergasted. I mean it.
Thank you for being my Valentine! You are the best and the sweetest! May you be my Valentine for eternal time and space and beyond...
I would also like to extend my wishes for all of my readers and well-wishers. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Enjoy responsibly –we should never be overwhelmed with the lustful pleasures which would lead to irreparable repercussion. Today isn’t the only day where you can show your love. For true lovers, every day is Valentine’s Day. Every moment is. Every second is. And for those who haven’t got your Valentine yet, don’t hurry... God has special package for every one of you. You just need some more patience because every best thing happens at best moment.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Post #31: Last post of my Blog marathon series...

Today, I reached the end point of my journey –a month long blog marathon. Today is 31, January. And yes, I posted 31 blog posts. It wasn’t so easy to come up with a post daily. Ideas don’t shower in my head like summer rain as some assumes. Sometimes, I spent hours thinking what to write about. It is not about writing anything that strikes my head. I have to write something worthwhile, something meaningful and something readable. It wasn’t an easy journey – I ran uphill and downhill and on bumpy road but I didn’t stop. I kept running. And today I am finishing it successfully.
I am as busy as anyone of you. Especially these last few days were the most hectic –first internal exams, volley ball practice, football and working on my novel –wasn’t easy at all. Twice, I had to knock my friend Kinley to come-up with something worth posting. Thank you for being there. Whenever I was lost and had no idea what to post for the night, I turned to my love and she gave few writable topics. You never failed in inspiring me. Keep inspiring me. I can at least write something when you are there for me. I often contemplated sitting on my chair on what to write. But I am happy that I didn’t miss a day. Perhaps, we just need some grains of dedication and everything falls on our way. We just need to ask what we want and don’t worry at all about how to get it done. That is what I exactly did. I had no idea how I would complete 31 posts in a month but I declared I would do it. And I did it.
Hereafter, I wouldn’t be writing everyday but I would write often. Perhaps, some of my Facebook friends would have been irritated with my daily post. Who the hell would be able to read the post daily? Yeah? Ha-ha. I am sorry if I offended any one of you. But I didn’t share all of my posts in the Facebook.
Thank you all of my readers for reading it!

Keep reading and keep inspiring me. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Post #30: The Best of Me: a movie review...

Gentle breeze blows with music of its own in peaceful country sides. Couple enjoying morning sun bath. No hustle and bustle of American cities. This is the speciality of movies adopted from Nicholas Sparks’s novels.
The Best of me is yet another romantic but tragic love story. Yes! As usual! Story begins much like a fairy tale but ends drenching your eyelashes with tears. For 20 years, Amanda thought she lost Dawson Cole forever but actually she didn’t. It is told using flash back technique.
For 20 years, they haven’t seen each other. Dawson couldn’t let Amanda wait and he kept himself away from her after he went to prison. Amanda kept waited every single day for a month, every once a week for a year.  He didn’t turn up. She couldn’t hope for more and moved on with another.
Then, they meet after 20 years, their love for each other didn’t change a bit. Destiny knots them once again where they lives with teenage memories. The rose, the lake, the kisses... But surreal life was not to last long. Amanda has her family –her husband and a son to whom she loves so much.  
Though she is married, but none replaced Dawson in her heart.  Frank was her husband and remained just as a partner.  She could never get over Dawson and when she finally meets her lost love, she is determined to be with him.  But that is where the story turns around. The villain of the story turns in and there it is, BANG! Dawson’s dead!
This is how the smooth rising of a beautiful love story fall suddenly to a halt. But fate has it planned other way round. Amanda’s grief over his death brings a smile on her after she comes to know that  the heart beating inside her son is the heart she thought left her into a dust, the “HEART” she grieved for and the heart inside which she had her heart slipped in. The end doesn’t end, it begins.
Nicholas Sparks brought us yet another heart touching love story. The movie planted a kiss on my heart. Let the suspense in my summary here crave you all for watching and have your hearts cleaned to have a kiss planted as well.


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