Saturday, July 26, 2014

The joy of being a blogger...

I am exhausted being a political critic. Self-claimed, though. My brain convulsed with frustrations, my teeth clenched with anger and fist tightened with heart boiling. I wish I was a big, famous writer, whose every word is taken seriously, whose every word is heard and every word create revolution. And make difference in the society. Every word hit the tympanum membrane of our politicians. Loud. That would be far away dream, even when the friends in my list (Facebook) fail to listen to what I have requested. I requested them to participate in the survey conducted by ECB. Only two or three heed to my words, rest just ignored it. So, my expectation for politicians to hear me remained a distant dream. At least for some more years! Hope so?
But I wouldn’t stop writing because I write for the reason which is beyond this. I write because I know the joy of writing every single sentence. I know the joy of completing a post and being able to post it in my blog. The joy which nothing can ever give me! To write and record every step of my journey (life) and of those who walk with me. Sometimes, I become so crazy that I wish I became an old man reading those posts I wrote as a young, energetic boy. Will I cry or laugh remembering those moments? I don’t know. But I feel I would consider myself a successful writer even if I cry or laugh. Because it didn’t fail its purpose.......
The joy of being a blogger is that we are already a writer who published volumes of books. Those amateur bloggers are on the right way to become a little better writer than they were yesterday. To publish a book is hell lots of hard work and money. It needs patience to wait and wait. What if your wait is just unfruitful? What if you don’t have enough money to pay for the editor? What if you don’t have enough money to print out your book? What if people hate to read your work? So many questions arise because to publish a book is the final destination. Once it slips out of your hand, it can never come back to you again to be edited, to be rectified. But to blog, we can write what we feel like to write and learn more, improve, and become better through the comments and criticism of our fellow friends. We grow up with every new post we write.
Through blog, I came to know so many wonderful people, big and small. But having same mission: to write and write and write. It is just wonderful to know that when we meet we need no introduction. We need no reason to speak with each other. It is as if we are meeting our old friend. We can scold, laugh and talk endless on the first meet. I am just so much happy to know a bunch of Bhutanese bloggers are in Raichur. Help us grow up with your kind words of encouragement and encouraging words of criticism. We have
1. Most veteran blogger, Bhagwat Acharya who rarely blogs in The Thoughts of my mind, 
2. Kinley Wangchuk blogs in Library of my life, 
3. Ngajay Tshering who used to blog but now post his classically beautiful poems in Facebook
4.Tshewang Tobden who blogs in A figment of my Thoughts
5.Tshering Yangzom who blogs in A ray of Hope
6. and recently we got another promising blogger Dorji Wangdi who blogs in The Oasis of my thoughts.
Wow seven bloggers in Raichur. It is amazing. I just wish they never stop writing. Let their blog remain alive and keep kicking around. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

How I wrote a book??

Often, I was asked this question: how did you manage to write a book when you are pursuing one of the serious professional courses?
That is true. Besides writing what I wanted to write, thick textbooks await me to flip its pages on the table. It calls for the meticulous balance between the obligation and hobby. And that is the tough decision I had to make.
Writing is a very tiring hobby, I feel. I write something and it appears so beautiful at the moment. But it looks waste the next day. Then, I have to delete it. Frankly, it ache our heart to chop off the words we wrote with so much passion and love. But I have to do it to make it better. Many a time, I wanted to quit writing because every next day, my writing appeared messy and worthless. I growled with frustrations and cried with pain but thank you for being with me and inspiring me. Thank you for reading the boring stuffs (time and again) I wrote and still say, it reads superb. I again restored the deleted file from the recycle bin and worked on it. Isn’t it tedious to read, re-read, write, re-write the same stuff time and again?
Writing needs lots of sacrifices, hard work, patience and persistence. It is a lonesome job to sit in front of the laptop all the time and keep typing the words which you may have to delete it next day because it does not appear appealing. I sacrificed many things to come up with the draft of my book which I would soon sign contract with the editor. Then my book would be in second stage, editing. I had not played even a single level of Candy Crush; no complain I never play outdoor games. I didn’t go home during one month vacation, so that I can give some time to write what I started writing. I didn’t go out with my friends, so that I can write few more paragraphs. I rushed to my room as soon as my class got over, so that I can add few words to my draft. I slept late and woke up early, so that I can write some more. Just to write a word or two, I sacrificed those enjoyments, those celebrations and those outings.
I had always been adamant with what I do. I don’t keep things half done. I had story in me, I had story to be told and to be read by the people. I had the source of inspiration right with me. I feel everybody is writer in their heart, they just need inspiration to write. Most parts of the book are inspired by the real life experiences. Most of the time, I keep observing something in someone, so that I can draw inspiration to build up my character. I listen carefully when people speak, so that I know how to make my conversation appear real. In one way or other, I was observing different people, differently. It was interesting.
I developed some fictitious characters with which I developed attachment. Some of them I loved from the depth of my heart. It is madness to laugh and cry with the character I developed. Once I developed the character, I promised them to do the justice by giving equal share of space in my book so that each one of them contributes equally in developing the plot. Isn’t it crazy to pull out the paper and scribble in between the conversation with your friend? I always kept a paper and pen in my pocket, so that I can scribble the idea as and when it strikes my head. Sometimes, I wrote some points waking up in the middle of night.

I know, in Bhutan, to write and publish a book is the easiest way to go bankrupt. But I really don’t care about the money. I would be happy if some of the readers read it and give me the honest feedback. I am so impatient of keeping it in the desktop as soft copy. My hand itches to print it out and make it available in the market. But I wanted to do the justice by putting in enough effort so that it becomes worth reading.  

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Proud to be a Physiotherapist....

I found this article shared in the Facebook and I found it worth sharing it in my blog. It is in no way I am trying to blow my own trumpet, I am not a physiotherapist yet (wink). These are actually what physiotherapist does despite the misconception that physiotherapists do nothing more than a massage. I could not give the credit for who wrote this piece as it was shared by many people in Facebook.  

Somebody asked me: "Hey, you're a physio? How much do you make?"

I replied: "HOW MUCH DO I MAKE?" ...hmmm....

I can make holding your hand seem like the most important thing in the world when you're afraid...
I can help make you walk when you can't...
I can make you to retain your strength after an accident.
I can make your pain go away, when maybe your pills can't.
I can give you hope when you have lost one.
I can make you get up from a wheel chair.
I can make you healthy, fit and strong,
I work all day to make my patients live life well,...
I will drop everything and run to make sure you never fall!!!
I make my family wait for dinner until I know your family member is taken care of...
I make myself skip lunch so that I can make sure that everything I did for you today was correct...
I work weekends and holidays because people don't just gets
sick Monday through Saturday and during normal working hours.
Today, I might make your life complete.
How much do I make?
All I know is, I make a difference!

I work and study as hard as any other medical professional.
I am proud to be a physiotherapist!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Greed-driven Pay Hike Bulldozed....

Everywhere in the social media, people are expressing their frustration and grievances over the recent pay hike. For the first time our youth (social media user) used the forum to express their views on the greedy move of our present government. For the first time, I felt that youth are taking active participation in democratization of our Bhutan. Actually, I wrote this post many times and deleted it because I knew our adamant politicians would not hear our voice. I wonder how shamelessly they can hide their face when all the people are unhappily crying, all over. I got some reasons to make up my mind to write this post again.
This is what exactly is happening in Bhutan now...

First of all, I would like to salute National council for at least they are trying to rescue the neck of our fragile economy from the grip of our hungry politician. Today, I am happy to know that National Council decided to defer the pay hike and not accept the pay recommended by pay commission. That could be the strongest blow on the greedy politicians. That at least give us the hope that something positive would happen though NA ridiculously slammed down their (NC) recommendations. I am just eager to hear what our government would say on it.
Secondly, I am not happy with the Opposition’s performance. I know they tried their best but people can still misunderstand them for they didn’t do what exactly people expected them to do. When two opposition members in first five year could drag government to court, why can’t our present opposition draw them to court too? When previous OL surrendered his car, why didn’t the present opposition members refuse to accept their pay if they really meant what they said?
Thirdly, I was saddened and disheartened when I heard that ministers and MPs (don’t know who they were) as MP of Wangdue Tashi Dorji posted on Facebook, wanted to fix BBS for broadcasting the voice of the people. It was not them who created social disharmony but it was the politicians who did it.  I was ashamed like never before when they threatened media for doing their duty. Have you heard what people who voted you all with the greatest trust said in media? And is saying everywhere? People are crying, people are regretting for they voted the government which would loathe the milk giving them water. One of the MPs, I am not sure of which constituency, he reached to the point of saying that when MPs refuse to accept the pay recommended by Pay commission, he felt like they are still in campaign mood. Does that mean when they came for campaign they were different and now they are different person?
Fourthly, I could not understand how our politicians can say that the pay hike is acceptable assuring us that economy of our country is growing. I am wondering when there is economy growth of 4.5%, politicians are ready to take home fat salary of 67% to 131%, when would our country achieve self-reliance then? From mouth they say our economy is fragile and weak, but they aren’t ashamed of loathing already weakened economy. And our prime minister wanted to give his extra amount for charity and wanted his salary to be in par with cabinet ministers. I think if he failed as a trusted leader of the people, he failed this time like never before. Why can’t he implement what he spoke during his campaigns? It might seems like I am jealous with their attractive and tremendously fat salary but that is not the fact. I am expressing my concern as a youth of Bhutan. I know many young men and women are grumbling in frustration, not finding the right medium to express their views.  Some might have given up because it was like singing near the river. Only our voice dries up where none can hear us sing.
Fifth, I am not sure but I felt like speaker fooled the MPs during voting session. Through what I saw in BBS news, he asked MPs to vote whether they accept the recommendations made by NCs or not? But he concluded saying that pay hike recommended by the pay commission is accepted. He didn’t listen when OL stood up and explained that they were confused. It seemed he was hurried to conclude the greed-driven move as soon as possible and accept the fat salary.
People are expressing their voice through whatever media possible, but our deaf politicians aren’t hearing them. It seems like they wanted to take whatever they can from our country within their five year tenure and never return for next election. How can they keep quite when people are growling with frustration? Would you all still take home the bulldozed pay hike or you would re-think and listen to what people say? What is the use of austerity measures taken by the government if they were aiming for this fat salary? People started questioning if they deserve what they get (no question of what they want). It is a high time for our politicians to re-think on this controversial pay hike and re-think what they pledged during their campaigns? If you do that you would melt with the embarrassment.
You may also read the blog post of my friend Kinley Wangchuk expressing his concerns and opinions as a concerned youth of Bhutan. 
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