Sunday, November 16, 2014

You’re decorated in my heart

I am obviously bad in poetry. But sometimes, I feel the inner urge to write one. And I believe that nothing is more beautiful than writing what you feel from your heart. Obviously, it is dedicated to YOU.  

Until my last breathe, I would keeping searching for you
If you fail to come, I would keep these last words:
“Hey people, when you burn me to the ashes,
Don’t burn my heart coz there I have decorated you for eternal.”
I less care what the world has to say
Least even when the world turns into my enemy
Coz I loved you, so, I would love you forever.....

 Sorry friends, if I couldn’t invite you all for my marriage party
Coz our union is for sure to happen in heaven, beyond
I am ill and doubtful if I can dance in next festival
But, “Hey people, when you burn me to the ashes,
Don’t burn my heart coz there I have decorated you for eternal.”

We are uncertain when we love who,
And its arduous to get whom we love for whole of our life
Sometimes, when we beautifully decorate them in our heart
Even when our heart pains, I feel like she is in pain
After all, who don’t desire to live long and laugh out loud?
But when time cheats us, we don’t desire for it
And I feel like to say: “Hey people, when you burn me to the ashes,
Don’t burn my heart coz there I have decorated you for eternal.”

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Free, yet not Free....

I am free. I don’t have to prepare for the examination, at least till next year. When we don’t have exam, we have nothing to do. Just yawn and sit, and doze off.
Literally, I have ample time to do anything in the world. Taking advantage of leisure hour, I am venturing on next book. Do I sound crazy? I haven’t published one yet! (Editor working on it). I am venturing on another. Is it necessary to write another book only after publishing one? Should I see if my genre works in the market? Should our work sells like salt?
I am unsure if my genre will work, yet I am writing one after another. But I console myself saying, “When you write from your heart, it should work.”
I started with evening walk with earphone plugged in my ears. It is just so beautiful. I get ample time to contemplate on many things. Many things play deep in my mind. I could give much time for myself. The ironical paradox of human life! More I learn, lesser I seem to know. By this time, next year, I would be a graduate. One among the thousands. I would be there in Bhutan, like many other graduates hunting for the job. I started to ask, am I ready? Three years in college, but I feel like it has just been three months. I tried to recollect what I learnt, I often turn blank.
How would I treat so many patients who come to me with much expectation? Is it a deficiency of self-esteem or side effect of deep contemplation?
Life is often an irony for me.
Why faithfulness doesn’t get rewarded with faithfulness? Why we feel so much but express so less? Why vices outshine the goodness? When I have enough time, I have nothing meaningful to do. When I wanted to do something meaningful, I had no time. Sometimes, I feel like I am planted with someone’s ideas which are not mine, yet I cannot tell it is not mine. I wanted to write so many things in my blog yet I could not. I have numerous grave issues about which I wanted to write, yet could not write a word. Suicide is much talked about topic in social media. I too wanted to write about it, yet I could not. Might be I am preoccupied with many zooming thoughts.
When you have nothing to do, time drags like a snail. I did nothing much though it is a week after I wrote my last paper. Nothing more than watching movies and sleeping, and soon I would be going home. I am excited to be home after a year.
So, I am free, yet not free.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Paradox of Examination.....

No matter how much we enjoy for the eleven months, once a year, at least for a one month we are nailed. If one dedicate one month for the study, just a month, one would clear all the papers and reach next level. It doesn’t matter what one do for whole year. Exam judges how much effort we put in this one month.
It is not only my story. It is every college students’ story, if not school children’s story.
Exam time!!!!
Exam time! Most frustrating and tedious moment! The thick textbooks melt down into small notebooks, then to precise notes, and still down to the hand notes. And what we write within three hours in examination is mere 30 to 40 pages. And still that decides what we are. It determines if we learnt well in a year. Isn’t it funny? How can a person be judged within a short three hours for what he learnt in a year? I wondered since long time, and I still wonder why people couldn’t find some other meaningful way of judging what students learn.
If you can, roger up everything you can in a night and top the exam. If you can’t, you are a failure.
Syllabus is already a narrow space. I feel syllabus doesn’t let one learn what one wants to. It narrows down our thinking, and I am sure if we learn what is in syllabus only, we would just become a dumb new graduate. There is nothing in it, yet we are assured we would become a professional who would treat the illness of another person. And heal their pain.
Examination, I feel had done much disaster than good. It made students end their lives. It placed a right person in wrong field. It pushed us where we don’t want to go. It became the tool that decides one’s future. It comes like the clutch of a monster and decides everything. What if we don’t finish writing in time despite knowing the answers? Are we a failure? What if we were sick during examination time and couldn’t study for few days before exam despite dedicating whole year in study? Are we a failure? Is it assured that those who top the exam really succeed in their lives? Exam needs mind that mug-up everything and vomit everything in the paper. But reality needs the heart that feels and hand that heals.
Back home, many graduates were kicked off and knocked aside with PE (preliminary Exam). Come RCSC Exam and it would kick another bunch. It would end their dreams and determination, hopes and aspiration. Does it mean they didn’t study anything till the time they graduate? Does it decide everything? Do we really think those who pass the exams are the right bunch of people for our county? Are we sure?

I am confused. And I think I would be confused for all time to come..... 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chetan Bhagat's Half Girlfriend....

Chetan Bhagat in CNN-IBN
“You can make your own achi den. Just work hard. Ignore the criticism. Believe in yourself and keep going....” Is what Chetan Bhagat said in CNN-IBN exclusive interview on his yet-to-be-released book, Half Girlfriend.
I had been so excited that his book would be released on 5th August. Before 10 minutes, I tuned in to his Facebook page and waited for him to announce what next he brought for us. But much to my dismay, his page crashed (Just think how many fans he has). I waited for some more time. Still, he didn’t post anything in his page. Then, I opted to check his website. There it was. And what surprised me is that he released the trailer of his book, not the book. It was the innovativeness of flipkart. I liked the marketing idea! And I agreed that he is “Salman Khan of Indian literature.”
Twitter had been trending on #halfgirlfriend. There had been many criticisms and jokes made in social media. Medias are talking about it and interviewing him. Some newspaper published about him on the front page. Good or bad, I liked the publicity he gained. I liked how media people co-operated in promoting his book. It doesn’t matter whether they criticise or praise him but definitely every news channels and newspapers who talked about him immensely contributed in promoting his book. People already developed curiosity to read his book. It would be the hot cake in October. In this note, I am wondering, if Bhutanese media too can do it? I am sure we have many talented writers, some very best books published. But they never reached the readers. It would remain with dust in some book shelves for years. I think if our media could do some coverage, it would help authors sell their books. It would encourage aspiring writers. At least it can be done. I don’t expect the Bhutanese publishers to publish those aspiring writers. Sometimes, it seems like if you have money, you can publish a book in Bhutan. If you don’t, no matter what talent you have, let it rust.
He is the leading blockbuster writer, today. As much as he is criticized for his English and the way he writes, he tends to go that much far and beyond. He became the icon for the youth. He inspired common Indians to read the English books which I believe is what every Indian aspire to do. They do consider English-speaking people superior to one who doesn’t. And Bhagat succeeded to instill that pride in common people. His English is so simple and lucid that one understands what he meant at once. For which he is criticized as ‘writing a bubblegum literature.’ But I admired his courage to shield the criticism and move ahead with what he wanted to do. After all, it matters how many people read his book, not how many people don’t like it. Because even those who hate his books would grab a copy and read it once. That is what every writer dream for.
I think he is the only Indian Author who has million fans in his Facebook. Every status he updates accumulates at least 20,000 likes, which is the most rewarding achievement one can achieve as a writer in digital world (world of Apps). 
Raichur City doesn’t have one decent bookshop from where we can purchase English books. But Chetan Bhagat got space among the Kannada books in one of a small bookshop (I think only bookshop in Raichur).
Chetan Bhagat not only inspired people to read English novels but also inspired them to write novels. As said by someone in NDTV. 


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