Thursday, April 17, 2014

The joy of giving....

The joy of giving is insurmountable. In some ways, every individual aspire to give: writers want to give the best book for their readers, singers aspire to give their best albums, actors and actresses aspire to give the best film ever, teachers want to give the best lecturer every day, doctors want to give the best treatment and engineers want to give the best structure. There is nobody who does not rejoice in giving. Though, it may not always means giving alms to the beggars.
It needs no caption...
There are some people who are like the abyss. It does not matter what and how much you give them, they never care to return your kindness. Give them anyways. We should never expect anything in return when we give them. Someday, they will also learn to give. If beggars beg, give them few coins. They would give you the smile in return. That is much more precious than your coins. Keep giving and keep escalating your happiness.
When we give our love, give truly and sublimely. It does not matter if it gets requited or not. The joy of giving love to someone is the best alms we can ever offer. Give the truest and purest love, without suspicion and without conspiracy. If you receive it back, you are fortunate. If you don’t, you may receive it some other day, in some other packages. That will happen for sure. Without fail. 
In this note, let me share a youtube video about Narayanan Krishnan who rejoice on giving. This video inspired me to the core. And I bet it will inspire you all alike. 
When world aspire to give their best. I too want to give my best. I have second internal exam from coming week, and I want to give the best answers possible. So, I may not be updating my blog till I finish my exam. Till then, continue to give me the support and love that you all unfailing gave me till date. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Women Quota: What for?...

Recently, women quota became the talk of the market in Bhutan. The discussion is going on in various social media. And, today, MP from Paro, Dasho Kezang D. Wangmo made post in her Facebook wall clarifying why women quota would be advantageous. But I disagree with her clarifications and here I would like to share my opinions.
1. She talked about stereotypical and many other barriers existing in Bhutan which prevent women from reaching a platform where they can compete in “fairer manner.” However, Bhutanese women do not have any social barriers and I, personally feels that stereotypical barriers has been eradicated much better than in olden days and in comparison to other countries. We may need some more time but it will extinct soon. So, that woman can compete with man in realistic manner not through support of quota.
2.  Women quota is a positive discrimination. It concludes women are still minority in the society. For an example, of the twin child, weaker child would receive more attention and more care. Introduction of women quota would mean the same thing. It indirectly says women are weaker sex, discriminated. We don’t want people to term women with indignity like “She stood because of quota.” We want people to say, “She stood because she is capable.” Women should prove their capability and rise up, not by mean of some quota system. Those who are capable are already shining. We would always fail in achieving gender equality if such advantages are favoured for the women.
      3.  Lesser women representatives in parliament and in leadership capacity should not be the reason for women quota. Women are given equal opportunity as men. In democratic society, we must respect the voting rights of the people. Voters can’t be lured to vote for women because government is spending huge sum as women quota. Women must prove their capability as is being proven by some of the Bhutanese women.
4. Our society is not in need of quota system. We are in need of educational interventions. Women getting support of various unfair interventions will not empower them rather subdue their voice. It would create more discrimination. It apparently concludes the incapability of women. What would be the answer if quota system proves no better? We can’t go with trails and cripple the economy of our country where our country is already strangulated with millions of debt.
5. It somehow seems, women would come forward because of attractive quota. But it will not last in long run. Women must come forward with genuine commitment and dedication, not for the attractive quota.
These opinions are not the direct attack to Dasho Kezang D Wangmo’s opinion. These points are my opinion and I am sharing it in my blog to have online discussion.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My debut Novel to Heat of Raichur...

Sorry readers, it has been quite some time that my blog remained barren. I was working, perhaps, engaged with my novel. It is a semi-autobiographical novel written in a third person point of view. I don’t want to talk more about it as I am just done with the sketch draft, and it is too early for me to talk about it.
Raichur is becoming incessantly hot, day after day. It is literally boiling. Once, I wanted to spill the eggs on the hot stones of Raichur and see if I can make omlet. I am damn sure it will. But I don’t want to put down myself and my friends down by showing that we live in such a hot place. I feel like I am put inside a huge cauldron where the fire is burning beneath. By now, I feel like I am not afraid of descending down to the hell after my death as I am already in the hell. To fight with the nagging mosquitoes, to bath in the hot water, to experience frequent dark out, to sweat like taking bath in the sweat pool, to lie down naked just with an undergarment, and moan with unbearable heat became my daily ritual.
Save me God from the heat of Raichur
It is so hot that I was sitting on the chair in library café and I was ashamed to stand up and walk after 10 minutes as my friends said I pissed in my pant. My pant was drenched with the sweat. Today, I was taking noodles outside and I was sweating like hell. The noodle-wala-bhaiya looked at me to see if I poured water pouch on my head. And my girlfriend kept asking me to wipe off the sweat. I freaked. When I was taking assessment in the ward, rain of sweat poured, that patient was confused if he should take care of me or himself.
The sun directly pierces our skull. I am afraid my brain will become omlet too. Our scrotum never gets chance to ascend up. I don’t know what would be the condition of our young women. When everyone around the world is romancing the beautiful spring, we are fighting against the unbearable heat. Yesterday, it was lightening and thundering, I looked up in the sky with hope of timely down pour. But it didn’t pour. Rather I was disappointed to core that I had to sleep without fan. I am unsure what logic is there between power off and lightening. Here, we either live without rain or without light. That is hell. 
As I am writing this post, I am moving my buttock like I have worms inside my anus so that my undergarment does not drench with sweat. When I sleep I have to keep my thick towel under my head so that my pillow does not wet. I always want to sleep naked but poor me have to cover myself to prevent my blood being sucked by the Uncle and Aunty Mosquiotes. 
Three years back, when I was asked, "What come first when I say a word HOT?" I used to say, FIRE. But now I would rather say RAICHUR. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

For My Chungku: With Love....

The smile of your beautiful countenance
Is like a tapestry of the most skillful painter,
May that smile never fade away.
It is so true!!
To be with you, even if it is just for a second also,
I find heaven on the earth,
To play with you, make fun of you and with you,
Laugh with you, smile with you, to be nagged by you
All in all, every moment I spend with you
Gets scribbled as the beautiful memories in the diary of my life

If it is a dream, let it never end,
I am so happy to live my life with you,
If you vanish like the cloud of the sky,
I would be all alone in this world,
And I will never be able to smile again,
Please, don’t leave me alone, I am phobic to the loneliness.
Be with me, through the thick and thin, through the shine and rain.
For now, for tomorrow and for ever
Beauty of dreaming about the future...
Your childish voice, your endless nags,
Your whisper into my ears, your tight hugs, sweet kisses
Are close to my heart, and heart beats with them
Or else my heart may stop beating anytime.
Just I am in love with you and it is so beautiful,
May I never lose that happiness and beauty in my life.
I love you!!!
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